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Dr. Abler received his bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1986, 1992,...more
"High Resolution Classroom Deployment", Presentation and panel for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA), San Diego, Ca,...more
R. Abler, J. Jackson, and S. Brennan, “High Definition Video Support for Natural Interaction through Distance Learning”, 2008 Frontiers in Education, ...more
J. L. Thames, R. Abler, and E. Moore, “Mentoring Undergraduate Students Preparing for Graduate Study in Engineering – A CREATE Case Study”, 2008 ...more
J. L. Thames, R. Abler, and D. Keeling, “A Distributed Firewall and Active Response Architecture Providing Preemptive Protection”, ACMSE 2008, Auburn, Al, ...more
J. L. Thames, R. Abler, and D. Keeling, "A Distributed Active Response Architecture for Preventing SSH Dictionary Attacks", IEEE SoutheastCon 2008, Huntsville, ...more
ECE 8540: Advanced Electrical Design...more